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“Homage is a celebration of the passage of time, a shift of perspective as the discarded and unused are given a new lease of life. I saw these amazing pieces gathering dust in storage. Beautifully crafted, they just needed someone to unearth their relevance. Homage was born.” – Kayla Jurlina
Inspired by the women who have paved the way for her and her generation, New Zealand creative Kayla Jurlina has launched her solo creative pursuit, Homage.
Homage will be a series of multi-disciplinary creative projects, spearheaded by Kayla and her peers. Her first project, Chapter 1, is a vintage jewellery offering born out of a decades-long collection of antique and costume jewellery from Australasia, Europe and the United States. 
The discovery of a 400-piece jewellery collection from the ‘80s and ‘90s that belonged to Kayla’s mother-in-law, Judith Slane (of Glitz Collections), sparked Kayla’s idea to repurpose these treasures. The project’s aim is to breathe new life into jewels once favoured by women of bygone eras, including actresses from the iconic television series Gloss
Supporting the jewellery is a 15-print image series styled by Kayla and photographed by Robert Hart of Shadowlands – a creative result of Kayla’s obsession with fashion and food. 
“One of the earliest memories is of my Mum, doing her housework in her oversized clip-on earrings and jewels. It was the same with my Baba (grandmother). When I think of them I think of food, and so it made sense for me to pay homage to this memory, combining the two into my love of art”
Following an exhibition launch at Gus Fisher Gallery, Homage is now live with Kayla’s first collection of earrings, pendants, brooches and chains available for purchase, as well as five editions of each of her 15 prints, from NZ$790.






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